Leonard (Lennie) Clark

My name is Leonard Clark, but you can call me Lennie. I’m a Progressive activist and an Army/Arizona National Guard veteran. I’ve ran for Congress twice in Republican districts, but I’ve decided to take my message state-wide to the U.S. Senate because there is a Progressive groundswell that is sweeping the nation. Arizonans need a true Progressive candidate in the race, and I’m proud to endorse Bernie Sanders for President of the United States of America!

I don’t have a Super PAC and I’m not taking corporate money, so we’ll be outspent.

I’m not part of the establishment, so the media will try to bury us.

I’m running a campaign to unite what I believe is a Progressive majority in Arizona.

NOW IS THE TIME to take this bold new Progressive Revolution to the voters of Arizona and elect a true Progressive to the U.S. Senate. One who will stand with Bernie and his policies when he wins the election.

Lots of people will tell us that what we’re trying to do is impossible, but they are wrong. There is a real Progressive hunger in this country, including Arizona, and with that fire behind us, we have a real chance! I hope you’ll support my candidacy for U.S. Senate. We have an uphill battle ahead, but we can be victorious with YOUR support!

Visit Website http://www.lennie2016.com/

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