David McDevitt

I’m David McDevitt, I’m running for Congress in the WA 3rd Congressional District because I believe we are losing our middle class. Instead of doing the work to fight this, Congress is part of the problem. They are either too beholden to special interests or too mired in partisanship to get results.

We have work to do.

I am a veteran with a business and legal background. Most importantly, I am an activist that believes we need Congress to get back to work for all people.

  • Veterans sacrificed for this country. They had our backs and we need to have their backs as they return home.
  • Women need to be paid the same as men. We need a national family and paid sick leave policy.
  • Seniors need Social Security and Medicare protected for this generation and We need ensure these programs are there for the next generation.
  • Young adults & Millennials need relief  from escalating education costs; Our nation and businesses need to invest in future employees.
  • Children living in poverty exceeds 22%. This is unacceptable. We need to end the divisiveness in Congress and lift families out of poverty.
  • Finally, we need to counter the Republican’s efforts to privatize our military, our federal prisons, our veteran’s service and our public schools.

Please join my campaign to rebuild the middle class, change congress, and take our democracy back.

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