Patrea Patrick

We want tranpareny in Government! Our Constitution Demands it. This year shows above all, we have lost trust in politicians The number one thing people fear is that they thier politicians are lying to them. Congess has become the Millionaire’s club. People are in an uproar that politics is so corupt. People want people representing them in Congress not sly politicians! It is the peoples house, not a house for corporate deals that protect corporations. Do we audit the FED? Audiing the FED will cost us in taxes, nothing will change! It sounds like a nice idea, but the Fed is a private bank that is so secretive from day one, all we will ever see is the second set of books. What we need to do is to stop it from printing us into debt, causing inflation and devaluing our savings. As the author of Ten Days at Jekyll Island, I explain the Federal Reserve is not part of the government and has no reserves! We need toPreserve our Rights.  We are

“We The People”

What do you care about?  We need to work together. I work for you. I would be honored to be your Congresswoman.

 I need your vote in the primary June 7th. Thank you

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