Ken Clark

I am running for the State Legislature in District 24 because I am optimistic about our state’s future.

I have been fighting for the residents of District 24 since before it was called District 24. I fought for working families against the predatory payday lenders in 2008.

I fought to get more dollars in our classrooms when I created legislation in 2003 to help schools save money on procurement.

I fought for sustainable communities, renewable energy and energy efficiency when I was the director of the state Energy Office in 2005-06.

I have learned over the years that you bring about what you think about. Unfortunately, too many people focus only on the negative when it comes to Arizona.

However, I believe that we are standing at a crossroads. We could resign ourselves to being a punch line for jokes on late night television talk shows.

Or, we can choose an optimistic future in which Arizona has yet to make its boldest contribution to this world.

As a Realtor I talk to people every day who are starting new businesses in Arizona.

They are moving their families to Arizona because they hear the positive truth about what we are doing here. Some are teaching people about sustainable urban gardening. Some are pushing the city to build more bike lanes. Others are showing us the value of locally-owned businesses.

All of these people have an optimistic vision for Arizona and I share that with them.

I am here to ask you for your vote so that I might take that optimistic vision to the State Legislature, where I will fight with you and for you.

Please sign up to volunteer, or make a contribution. Every penny counts and I promise that this campaign will honor your contribution and spend our resources wisely.

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