Steve Stokes

Californians, my name is Steve Stokes and I am running to be your Senator in Washington, DC to represent the wishes of all who aspire to a brighter, peaceful, prosperous future.

I am a small business owner and advocate for upward mobility and grassroots causes. I ran for U.S. House of Representatives and won the primary in June 2014.

Although I have been a longtime activist for non-partisan politics and independent candidates, I am joining Senator Bernie Sanders as a Democrat, determined to restore democratic principles and processes to the Democratic Party and to our Nation.

Our battle is We The People vs The Corrupt Corporate State.

We must awaken the urgency of this moment in all minds. This is not an ordinary election, an ordinary candidate, or an ordinary time in our country’s history. The freedoms and founding principles of our great nation have been abandoned by our short-sighted, self-interested leaders, who have been corrupted by the influence of money from multi-national corporations who care not about freedom but about profit.

Great concentrations of wealth have corrupted both parties which purport to speak for the American people. #WeThePeople demand our country back. This chain of corruption has created a litany of problems and injustices in America. Our bright future demands that we undergo mass changes and reform of our democracy to return to government of the people, by the people and for the people.

I am the only candidate in my race that endorses Senator Bernie Sanders (endorsed on 4/28/2015), the only major candidate that publicly denounces and actively fights to defeat the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the only candidate that strongly opposes the #CISA which passed in the recent omnibus bill, and the only grassroots independent Democrat running to reform the Democratic Party.

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